Tower Play House

There are two different locations for pets to relax: condo and cat platform. Your pet may stay away from your furniture, drapes,carpets and clothes if he gets our Tower Play House, the unique design keeps him intrested in knowing all the details of this tower tree and try to scratch all the angles.If you have an active kitten that needs a place to play and relax, our cat tree is a ideal gift for your small kitten cats

  • Simply fold shut for quick and easy storage.
  • Perfect for small spaces condo and toy lying wrapped in soft plush. full-size durable sisal scratching pad, and dangling toys keep your cat stimulated and entertained for hours
  • Natural sisal scratching surface.helps keep your cat from scratching furniture and carpets. Provides a safe and inviting place for your cat to sharpen its claws
  • Cat tree are made with premium quality environment and pet friendly materials to ensure maximum strength and durability for long lasting usage