Flea Tick Killer Comb

Your pet happiness is related to their health, if your dog is scratching and biting away at fleas, they cause a lot of pain for our lovable innocent pet. Our flea tick killer is the key to assure they are clean and free of pain. The electric charge easily kills the fleas without any discomfort or harm to your pet. Once you have done, simply slide the comb in and out to easily discard the dead fleas into the trash.


  • Easy to use: just comb it on the pet's fur - the flea doctor will release some light charge that can stun and kill the flea
  • Immediate results can be seen in front of your eyes
  • Discard dead or shocked fleas directly into the trash
  • High-quality steel comb helps to untie the knots and make it easier to take care of pet hair
We all want to make sure to get rid of all the fleas from our cats safely and this is why you have to choose the right products to use, and these robotic flea combs are what we highly recommend for your cats. They are very safe, efficient, and very easy to use.